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The Transition From Bangalore Airport To Bengaluru International Airport

Bangalore Airport

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The Bengaluru international airport is largely considered as the gateway to the south. Being the IT capital of the country it attracts professional both from the country and international. Bangalore has in the recent decades become a very important economic hub of the country and hence the Bangalore airport has become the second largest airport in southern India and the fourth largest in the entire country.

Most people recognize the international airport at Bangalore by the name of Bangalore airport but in the year 2011 there has been a transition from the older HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) Bangalore Airport to the Kempegowda International Airport. The HAL airport now serves as a military airbase and has been decommissioned from civil aviation. This transition has helped improve flight operations in Bangalore vastly.

The propellants of change

The Bangalore airport had become incapable of handling the annual flux of close to 12 million passengers by the year 2010 and hence the efficiency had been reduced. The infrastructure available was no longer state of the art and was in no way at par with international airports. In order to deal with these difficulties it was decided to build a completely new international airport at Bangalore which would have the capacity to handle close to 400 flight operations and around 15 million passengers daily.

The Bengaluru International Airport was commissioned in the year 2011-12. The annual passenger movement has already reached close to 13 million and is expected to grow further. To avoid a situation of saturation an additional runway is being planned at the airport to support the existing runway.

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